What Does a Pennant Road Sign Mean?

Road signs come in eight shapes. Each shape has its own meaning:

  1. Octagon: Stop signs only.
  2. Horizontal Rectangle: Typically used for guide signs.
  3. Equilateral Triangle: Yield signs only.
  4. Diamond: Only used to warn of existing or possible hazards on roadways or adjacent areas.
  5. Vertical Rectangle: Typically used for regulatory signs (e.g., speed limit signs).
  6. Pentagon: Used for school zone and school crossing signs.
  7. Circle: Railroad ahead warning signs.

The 8th shape is the pennant road sign.

Pennant Sign

What does a pennant sign mean?

Pennant signs are always yellow. They have one purpose: indicating a no passing zone. There are no other signs that use the pennant shape. When you see a pennant sign, you are not allowed to pass other vehicles on the section of roadway you're currently using.

Pennant signs are usually placed in areas where you won't be able to see far enough ahead of your vehicle in order to safely pass. Stay in your lane until the no passing zone ends.

Make sure you're always paying attention to road signs. They are posted to keep you safe! If you would like to learn about other road signs and their meanings, check out our guide here.

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