Written Exam Stories and Tips

Here are some stories and tips from students who have taken the DPS written exam to help you prepare for it. Click "Share My Story" above if you would like to share your own experience.


Yes i have taken my written test. I have my permit and i advise everyone to study cause the test is pretty hard.
--cruz morrison, 05/27/2024
i am working on this program to help get my drivers permit.
--Nation Johnson , 04/13/2024
i took mine first try and passed
--alexis , 04/11/2024
The first time I went, my mom did not know she needed my original birth certificate and we only had a copy. I was devasted that I couldn't take it right then. We had to order one and it finally came. The test was super easy because I studied a quizlet. I recommend studying a quizlet.
--Daisy, 03/27/2024
I failed the first time because I didn't focus on the numbers. Focus on the numbers such as how far to park back from a fire hydrant and fire station, etc.
--Zach Chandler, 03/11/2024
So I went into the DMV and a really nice lady helped me out by showing me to the place where I took the test then after that I took the test and after i took it the lady came into the testing room and helped assist me with some of the questions that I didnt fully understand and this is how my test to obtain my learners permit went.
--Jeremiah Burpo, 02/07/2024
I went pretty late and was dreading it to start because I thought the wait was going to take forever. But when I got in there the people were very friendly and cool.
--Brecken Maxwell, 02/04/2024
I just studied before the test and it was easy pretty much common sense along with some specific rules and regulations most people know. Passed first try, just make sure to study and take practice tests.
--Lawrence Ladd, 12/02/2023
I have had my learner's permit for a bit now. I decided to take the driver-ed course alongside the behind-the-wheel experience. It has worked well for me so far. The permit test is not too bad as long as you study. You can search for study plans on the Internet, and those can be really helpful. Also, pay close attention to the required things to bring, If you forget something, you will not get your permit.
--Amanda, 10/18/2023
i am working on this program to help get my drivers permit.
--Brianna Anderson, 10/08/2023
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