How Our Affiliate Program Works

Step One: Sign Up

Use the form below under "Reach Out to Us" to start the process. A representative from Safe2Drive will follow up with you usually within 1 business day.

Step Two: Place Our Affiliate Link on Your Website

We will provide you with a unique affiliate link through which you can refer people to take our courses. Place this affiliate link on your website or give it to your clients. We can even provide a PDF handout with information on the course and the affiliate link that you can distribute to your clients.

Step Three: Get Paid

We will pay you for every student who comes through your affiliate link and completes a course. We remit payments to you via check monthly. You can track student registrations, completions and our payments to you through our affiliate portal.

Prepaid Affiliate Program

We also offer a prepaid affiliate program for our affiliates who want to pay in advance on behalf of their clients so that their clients can take our course without having to make payment themselves. This is perfect for the following affiliates:

  • Insurance agents who want to gift their clients our course so that they can qualify for an auto insurance discount.
  • Court programs that require people who have been convicted of a traffic violation to take a defensive driving course and who collect the course fee directly from the student.
  • Companies that have fleet drivers and who require their drivers to take a defensive driving course as part of their training.
  • Many others.

Reach Out to Us

It's easy to sign up for our affiliate program! Simply fill out the form below and we will follow up with you usually within 1 business day.

Types of Partnerships

Driving Schools

Behind-the-wheel schools often partner with Safe2Drive to offer their students the classroom or theory portion of driver education, or to offer other online courses that they do not offer in their school, such as defensive driving or insurance discount courses. Our courses can be completed entirely online, which makes them a highly convenient and cost-effective option for students. By partnering with Safe2Drive to offer online courses, driving schools can earn money for each student who completes a course without having to shoulder any of the costs of running a course (no having to pay for a classroom, instructors, textbooks, etc.) or having to deal with any of the administrative tasks (we handle registering students, collecting payment, issuing the certificate and customer service). You simply refer a student to us and collect a check when they complete the course.

teacher and student
agent talking to clients

Insurance Agents

Insurance agents from all over the country partner with Safe2Drive to offer our Insurance Discount and Mature Driver Improvement courses. Insurance agents can either choose to collect a referral fee or pass along a discount on the course to their customers. It's your choice!

Court Programs

We've partnered with several courts who require people convicted of a traffic violation to take our course to have their ticket dismissed or their points or fines reduced.

judge holding a gavel
fleet of trucks

Private Companies With Fleet Drivers

Private companies with fleet drivers require their drivers to take Safe2Drive's defensive driving courses as part of their training. In these cases, the company often is a prepaid affiliate who pays the course fee on behalf of their driver so that the driver can register and take the course without having to make payment.